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The Connor O’Loughlin Mantsch Memorial Scholarship

The Connor O’Loughlin Mantsch Memorial Scholarship celebrates the life of a remarkable young person by recognizing other young people who possess similar qualities of character, kindness, integrity, and wisdom.


Connor embodied the ideals of Full Circle by cultivating creativity, health, and community in his life. He was a seeker of knowledge and meaning with a unique connection to nature and a rare ability to express himself so beautifully through music and poetry.

Campers may apply for the scholarship by submitting a short essay, poem, song, painting, or multi-media presentation to Sean Etigson ( 


Submissions should highlight creativity, health, or community; they may also include thoughts on the meaning of Full Circle. All submissions are due by March 15, 2024.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Connor O’Loughlin Mantsch Memorial Scholarship to Full Circle, please contact Sean Etigson, Director of Full Circle Summer Camp at or 505-363-2496.

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