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Apply to Work at Full Circle!

Happy 2024, Full Circle Crew, 


This will be the 21st summer of Full Circle, and if you want to apply to work at camp, it is that time! Please note that due to the early starts of some schools, we will be running Full Circle at the beginning of the summer, Sunday, May 26- Saturday, June 1, 2024 !


To apply to be a Staffer, Counselor in Training (CIT), Counselor, or Head Counselor, you need to write me an email and answer these three questions:


1. Why do you want to be a Staffer/CIT/Counselor/ Head Counselor?

2. What skills or talents would you bring to this position?

3. What does Full Circle mean to you?


Remember the power of words, and make your letter of application artful and worth considering. All applications need to be submitted to me at by February 5, 2024.


I look forward to hearing from you, and please email me if you have any questions,


Sean Etigson

Full Circle Founder and Director

Our Staff

We invite you to e-meet our staff! 
Full Circle Summer Camp Staff


Sean Etigson.JPG
Sean Etigson - Camp Director/ Arnis/ Guitar

Over the past 30 years, Sean has led camps and classrooms across the country, infusing his teachings with energy, songs, and stories. 


From the time he was a young boy, Sean followed in the tradition his mother, Elizabeth, and father, Rob, who worked at and directed camps in the midwest and New Mexico. Growing up at Hummingbird Music Camp, Sean learned about the transformative power of overnight camps from K.L. and Wanda Higgins, and he progressed through the years from camper to Head Counselor and finally to teacher. After working in programs in Albuquerque, Palo Alto, Taos, Corrales, and Philadelphia, Sean finally manifested his dream of integrating expressive arts, athletics, and nature by creating Full Circle Summer Camp in 2003. 


In his secret identity, Sean is a performing songwriter and storyteller who delights in working with audiences of all ages. He has recorded 6 albums, blending solo and band work into a style he calls “fresh brewed acoustic grooves.” In 2004, Sean was honored with the Elena Maes Memorial Award for his outstanding work with the children of New Mexico.


As a side job, Sean teaches 7th grade English at Bosque School, where he strives to bring his playful camp spirit into the classroom.

Javier Ortega - 

Jav first began to play guitar at Hummingbird at the age of 8 and has been at Full Circle since its establishment almost 20 years ago. He studied music at UNM, where he played classical guitar and drummed for African dance classes. Currently, he performs and teaches a wide variety of styles all around New Mexico.

Romy Keegan.jpg
Romy Keegan - Ballet Afrique

Romy Keegan is a dancer, dance educator and choreographer, as well as the owner and director of Maple Street Dance Space.  She has been teaching with Full Circle for since 2006, where she continues to grow and to be nourished by the Wisdom, Inspiration, Creativity and Connection of and with every Sweet Soul, from brand new campers to longtime peers, who make up this most precious community! 

bd headshot.2013 (1).jpeg
Brandon Draper - 
World Beat

Thumping his leg in the crib and began lessons at age 5, sitting in with his dad's bands at 9, touring at 14, and the rest is history.  After many years of touring performing in every genre, he runs the acclaimed children's interactive music program Drum Safari, teaches drum set, world percussion and music business at K.U.


Performances with New Mexico and Santa Fe Symphony Orchestras, Kansas City Symphony, Ottmar Liebert, DJ Logic, Donna Summer, Steve Coleman, Mike Moreno, Bobby Watson, Kevin Hays, Particle, and Quixotic Fusion.


"Folks, Drapers range of ethnic styles has me hooked!"

Santa Fe Reporter

Lewis. Wild Worlds
Lewis Bailey - 

Lewis teaches Wildwords. He has played almost every role at camp since he was a 12 year-old camper in 2005. He recently returned from teaching in China, and plans to work in other countries in the future. He is a graduate of the Global College at Long Island University where he studied language, culture, and ethnography in six countries. Lewis loves both fiction and poetry. He was a high school slam poetry champion of New Mexico in 2010 and 2011, and went on to compete in HBO’s Brave New Voices. He is a sandwich connoisseur.

Emily. Art
Emily Gamble - 

Emily teaches Art at Full Circle. Starting as a camper in 2003 she has enjoyed growing up alongside an incredible community. Her degrees in neuroscience from Tulane University give her a unique perspective on learning and memory. She has taught AP Studio Art and AP Chemistry at the high school level, practicing a passion for hands-on learning.

Aaron Giulin.jpeg
Aaron Gjullin - 
Cross Country

Aaron started as a camper in 2003 and now teaches cross country and guitar at Full Circle. He is also the camp nurse using his paramedic skills. Aaron received his degrees in in Mathematics and Biology from the University of Portland and University of New Mexico. He is currently going for his M.D, at UNM Medical School. Aaron also took lessons from Director Sean Etigson starting in the 3rd grade. He is always quick to laugh and enjoys each year teaching and joking around with the campers.

Bryan McCormack.jpeg
Bryan McCormack - 
Medicine Trail

Bryan teaches medicine trail and beginning guitar. He has been with the camp since its second year and worked as a counselor and head counselor before becoming a teacher. Bryan has over ten years experience in the identification of plants native to the Jemez mountains and holds degrees in Biology and Applied Mathematics.

Jey Bernal Yoga
Jey Bernal - 

Jey is the yoga teacher at Full Circle and a movement enthusiast. She began teaching fitness classes in 2016 and hasn’t stopped learning and loving new formats, including Zumba, HIIT, Bootcamps, Spin and Yoga. Having taught gymnastics to kids years ago, she jumped at the chance to teach kids again and joined the Full Circle family in 2019.

Full Circle Extended Teacher Family 

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-25 at
Kachina Walker - 

Kachina is the Chorus teacher at Full Circle and has been a part of this camp since its inception in 2003. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from the University of New Mexico and currently teaches general music, band, and choir at Carlos Gilbert Elementary School in Santa Fe, NM. Her teaching philosophy allows children to explore and discover their voices through varying styles of music. In her free time she enjoys frolicking in the glen. :)

Mark Clark. World Beat
Mark Clark - 
World Beat

Mark had several decades of touring, recording and teaching music. Recordings include Dan Fogleberg, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, John Popper, Jono Manson and more. He’s been teaching at Full circle and Hummingbird Music Camp for 16 years or more.  Currently teaching at United World College in Las Vegas, NM and freelancing in Alb. and Santa Fe.

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